Assessment of Intersex








Intersex Society

The treatment of intersexual by society are different by ways and cultures. In various cultures there isn't an intersex society, but instead intersexual are included in a greater “third gender” or gender-blending social roles along with other individuals.

In most societies, intersex individuals are expected to select one sex, and do the accepted thing to its gender role. Since the increase in medical science many intersexual infants has the opportunities surgically to modify to resemble either male or female genitals and lead a more normal life.

Controversy has been surrounding the modification genital through intersex surgery. Some argues that corrective surgery is not necessary for the protection of life and health, but purely for the beauty and social purpose. Many believe that it may lead to negative consequences for sexual functioning in their adult life, which could have been avoided if left alone.

Defenders argue that surgery allows intersex people to be clearly identified as a male or female in order for them to function socially. Nevertheless, many intersex people have resented intersex surgery and some have been so discontented with their surgically assigned gender and has opted for a sexual reassignment surgery.



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