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Intersex Condition Con't

Individual are neither XX (female sex chromosomes) nor XY (male sex chromosomes):

Congenital adrenal hyperpalsia is the most common cause of intersexuality. It is an endocrine disorder which causes the adrenal glands to produce abnormally high levels of virilizing hormones (hormones that causes the development of male secondary sexual characteristics). In females, this can cause their appearance to be more masculine and the clitoris to be larger.

In various cases individual are neither XX (female sex chromosomes) nor XY (male sex chromosomes):

  • Klinefelter’s syndrome is created when one or two additional X chromosomes in a male is presence. This means XXY or XXXY.
  • Turner’s syndrome occurs when there is a singer X chromosome (XO). This type of syndrome main feature is by a lack or incomplete development of certain primary and secondary female characteristics. It is also assoicated with a range of medial issues.
  • True hermaphroditism as it was once called is caused by sex chromosomal masaicism or chimerism. This is where the presence of both testicular and ovarian tissue can be found in one individual.

For other intersex condition:

Individual with XY chromosomes

Individual with XX chromosomes



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