Assessment of Intersex








Intersex as it is commonly called is also known as intersexuality. It is something where every parent hates to see and hope it never happens to them. This is because one out of every two thousand births of newborn a sudden gender dilemma occurs.

A long time ago when parents could not answer the question whether their newborn was going to be ‘boy or girl” until the child was born, but these days most people expect parents to know well before birth. So why are parents still facing the dilemma of their child having an intersex condition?

In this site we hope we can offer you some insight about intersex including:

What is intersex?

How intersex people are view?

What actually causes intersex condition?

What intersex surgery are available?

How does society view intersex people?

This site also includes a glossary and terms for those medical words used it this site which some of us may not be very familiar with.


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